Our Studio has created a website for the online store Oreshkoff.rf where customers can buy fruits, dried fruits, nuts, candied fruits, snacks, sweets and other products.
For the site, we’ve developed a unique design that takes into account branding style and concept of the company. Layout is created in a way that gives visitors ease of navigation and simple means of making a purchase. The site is adapted for all types of devices thanks to the responsive technology.
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We’d like to thank CreaFresh team for their great input and work. Our project was completed on time. We’ve received updates regularly and collaborated on all stages. After launching the new site, number of new orders has increased. It has become easier for the site managers to work with it. We are completely satisfied with the result, everything works quickly and efficiently. We are also pleased with a fair cost of CreaFresh services.
Olga, CEO.
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