CreaFresh has designed a website for BurgerBar. This is a Kiev-based restaurant chain specializing in American cuisine.
We have developed a unique website for THIS IS BURGERBAR that takes into account their wishes. We have created a unique style that demonstrates the concept of their restaurants clearly. Interface of the website is very user friendly, and the staff and their guests will find quickly what they want. The website accessible with any device. An adaptable page structure allows all content to be easily located and modified.
We would like to thank the designers as CreaFresh for creating our website. They took all our wishes into account, even those that were added in the course of work. Also, the programmers immediately understood the basic idea that we wanted to convey and did exactly as intended. It is evident they thought the idea through. The main thing is that the work was completed on time and at a very fair cost. We’d like to thank the team and would definitely recommend them to our friends.
Anna, administrator
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