About Us

CreaFresh design studio has passionate and dedicated staff. In the course of their work, our developers try to take into an account even the smallest details, which our customers rarely think about.


Our team is constantly evolving not only in the field of web design, but also in a field of culture, art, science, sports and so on, which allows our clients to implement even the most difficult ideas within their projects.


Our team loves its work, that is why we create truly amazing things.

We specialize in the following areas:
  • Brand development and logo design
  • Commercial websites
  • Illustration
  • Print design
  • App development
  • UX/UI-design
  • Front-& backend
  • Event branding
  • Landing pages
  • Companies websites
  • E-commerce plugins
  • WordPress, etc.


While working with our customers, we learn a lot about various fields. Also our employees love puzzles, and working on new projects, they satisfy their need for challenges. Contact us to solve any design and presentation problems.

Recent projects
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