CreaFresh has created a template for organizing Grassrootz. The project aims at raising funds for people with cancer and other diseases.
We have developed a working template according to which users can organize their own campaigns to collect donations. It is enough to register on the portal, individually set up various functions and then run the project. The site is relatively straightforward, its users do not need to have special knowledge to transform the template for their own needs. The portal can operates on various devices without any loss of information.
We’d like to thank designers’ team at CreaFresh for such a convenient and nice website! After its launch, the number of campaigns increased significantly. It’s also became significantly simpler to make donations. CreaFresh understood what exactly we needed, and turned all our wishes into reality. We are very pleased with the design that was created, the site looks neat, without any frills and strictly corresponds to a given task.
Grace, cofounder of the company.
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