Our Studio has developed a website for Stork ice cream online store.
These desserts are made for people with lactose, gluten or chemical additives intolerance and also suitable for vegetarians. For such environmentally friendly products we’ve created a bright design, which calls for an immediate taste of their delicious ice cream. The website emphasizes that the ice cream is created with love and natural ingredients. Users can easily navigate pages choosing preferred ice cream flavors. Thoughtful responsive design makes it possible to access the web site via any device.
We express our gratitude to CreaFresh developers for creating a beautiful and convenient site for our customers. It has become more convenient for our employees to work with the new design, namely to take orders and answer questions. It has become much easier to add new information to the site. In addition, the text is presented compactly and in full. CreaFresh’s staff coped with the task on time, without any delay.
Amber, administrator.
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